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What are Quad Treks?

on October 23, 2017

You may have heard about quad biking, the fun all-terrain vehicles that can transport you across any off-road landscape. They consist of four low-pressure tyres with loads of tread that designed to help you across the mud. To use a quad bike, you straddle the bike and sit on the designated seat and operate and steer the bike with the handlebars. Quad bikes offer great fun and are exciting to run, giving you a speedy way to get across the land, but what is the difference between quad biking and quad trekking?

Difference between quad biking and quad trekking.

Quad biking is a recreational activity where you can enjoy the freedom of off-road riding. Whether it’s a defined track or open landscape, you can set off on your quad bike and explore the area. Quad treks, on the other hand, are journeys that you take on your quad bike in order to see all there is to see and take your quad bike through a variety of different terrains.

Quad treks will usually take you on a guided path where you’ll navigate through a particular landscape so you can absorb the scenery and experience everything a quad biking can do. From steep hills, camel-humps and of course, lots of mud, a trek gives you the option to put the quad bike to the test.

Why choose a quad trek in Scotland?

Our quad trekking adventuresteach you all you need to be safe and confident on a quad bike, after that, you are let loose on many acres of land to master the quad bike and enjoy an incredible journey in the highlands, experience narrow woodland paths and steep, nail-biting hills. It is a perfect way to explore, see local wildlife and have a great, muddy time and engage your competitive spirit.

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